What to do about Islamic State

Fuck. Over 120 innocent people murdered in Central Paris. Islamic State, a terrorist organisation in charge of vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, has claimed responsibility. Francois Hollande, the French President has declared the attacks as “an act of war”. Social media has blazed with messages of support, as have Western powers. The USA especially […]

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Israel’s unlikely friend

As a quick introduction, this is my new blog, where I’ll be writing about interesting things in politics in a way that people that hate politics may like. I think that whilst it’s incredibly important, politics is inaccessible and uninteresting to almost everyone. That’s the loose founding principle, but expect a lot of meandering. So, […]

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Hello world!

Politics too often is really dull. But it shouldn’t be! In this blog I plan to have some fun with it, and any tangentially interesting things I come across that seem worth writing about. Let’s see what happens!

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